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Enabling their BRAVE Truth

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Our Bold Talent are game-changing leaders who are creating and embracing new ways to live and work. They are CEOs who are challenging the norm. Entrepreneurs driven by purpose and ambition. Founders determined to disrupt. All of them - leading the charge to build a better world.

We enable them to speak their Brave Truth by developing an authentic online personal brand that garners attention, engagement and authority.

When you build a powerful personal brand, opportunities come looking for you.

The world gauges your value through the strength and authority of your personal brand. With the content platforms available to you today, you hold the ability to build a presence that influences and attracts your ideal audience.

Business leads, speaking engagements, award nominations, career growth and an invaluable business network are just some of those opportunities that you stand to attract.

With our world-class team of experts working on building your brand online, the world is yours for the taking.

The T&T advantage


Focus your time on building your business or growing your career. We’ll work on building your personal brand in the background.


Position yourself as a trusted practitioner and thought leader in your industry with tried-and-tested signature Three Tier Growth Mastery program.


Harness the expertise of our global team of writers, made up of PhD, MBA and Bachelor degree holders, as well as content creators with extensive knowledge across various industries.


Expect world-class service with multiple levels of stringent quality checks, valid and verified sources, and data-backed hard-hitting insights.

Our BOLD talent see these results


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Our Story

A decade into their accomplished and successful corporate careers in Marketing and PR, Samantha and Sabine bonded over a mutual restlessness. A hunger – to humanize branding and communication to create a bigger impact on the world.

This led them to quit their corporate jobs, travel the world, and make the decision to build something meaningful, together. Talent & Truth, their personal branding agency, helps true thought leaders develop their voices online.

An important part of their philosophy is that they don’t create thought leaders. They work exclusively with talent who are respected voices in their industries, empowering them by honing their online presence to grow their influence and find the right avenues to further their ideas & expertise.

Today, Samantha’s and Sabine’s dream encompasses a global team, covers various industries, and powers some of the most astute public figures in the UAE.